About Us !

EPU Safeguard and Outdoor coating methods have been created under the conditions of the applications. The development work has taken more than 10 years, and during this time we have tested thousands of different compounds and applications, usinf many different methods. Our method guarantees a very long service life for your own end product and keeps your new product like new throughout its life cycle.  

EPU Safeguard™ methods:

Epu Safeguard™ and Outdoor™ is a hybrid coating developed from the high-tech Epu Coat® method. The method can be used to extensively control the surface properties of the final products. With the Epu Outdoor™ method, various functionalities can be obtained for almost all surfaces, while adding value to them and reducing the life cycle costs of the final products. Coatings typically improve the cleanliness, hygiene, scratch resistance of surfaces and produce the best corrosion resistance on the market, while providing additional gloss and resistance to weather, sun and mechanical wear.

Epu Outdoor™ is suitable for stone, metal, rubber, plastic as well as painted wood surfaces. The method guarantees a very shiny, hard and easy to clean surface for years to come.

EPU Coat®-coatings for different purposes.

Objects coated with the Epu Outdoor™ method can often be cleaned using plain water, and chemicals that pollute the environment are no longer needed. The Epu Outdoor™ treated object no longer fades in the sun and thus remains almost like new throughout its life cycle. The Epu Outdoor™ surface repels water and ice. You also get a very easy to clean surface in case of vandalism. Epu Outdoor™ also rejects stickers and posters. Epu Outdoor™ is proven to be the best weather protection in the world, "In the Resistance to Climate shock (EN 482-2) tests, the Epu Outdoor® method was the only coating method to receive a full score among the nearly 30 methods tested.

So by choosing the Epu Outdoor™ coating method for your product, you get the best surface on the market for your products and they retain their shine until the end of their life cycle.

Applications: Playgrounds, Mailboxes, Trash, Artworks, Ice cream kiosks, Painted outdoor furniture, Park benches, etc ..

EPU Coat®-coatings

Because our method guarantees the best immersion, our coating is also the most durable of its kind. In coatings made by this method, a new surface is not added to the former surface, but the former surface is opened and a controlled amount of epu coating is added.