These coating solutions will keep your environment as it is intended

The EpuSafeguard™ method can be used to significantly control the properties of the surface to be coated, which are set by the environment at any given time. This means e.g. better surface dirt or fouling repellency and excellent chemical and climatic resistance. The best coating method studied has been EpuSafeguard™. For our customers, we have developed and commercialized numerous coating solutions that have also modified the scratch resistance of surfaces, ice adhesion and the fight against vandalism.
The EpuSafeguard™ method provides significant added value and achieves cost savings in the form of, for example, reduced maintenance costs, extended product life cycles and material cost savings. The chemical reaction of the EpuSafeguard™ method also brings the faded paint pigment back to the surface if there is any color pigment left. In many cases, multiple re-paintings can be replaced with the EpuSafeguard™ method, thus saving on repair costs. 

The raw materials and products used in EpuSafeguard™ coating technology are REACH and RoHS standards. None of the solutions in the EpuSafeguard™ method utilizes nanotechnology or other silicone products, but the coating technology differs completely from the solutions on the market in general. Also, the use of our coating solutions is always safe for the end user, and nothing comes off the surface into the environment.

The EpuSafeguard™ method achieves the following properties:

  • Overall / mechanical durability is improved .

  • Wear and scratch resistance is significantly improved

  • For best results in moisture / weather protection

  • Corrosion resistance is excellent. 

  • Salt spray resistance 

  •  The best level of UV protection on the market 

  • Freeze prevention 

  • Acid resistance to all known substances 

  • Durability for bases / bases 

  • Solvent resistance 

  • Resistance to other liquids

Easy-care, maintenance-free and cost-saving coating from Epu Safeguad™!


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